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Our Work

National Leader in Office Furniture Installation Since 1984

Staying in business for 36 years is no small feat. We have been able to create market leadership by learning and improving on each and every job we are fortunate to work on. We always strive for reaching new heights as a company, in our teams both in the office and the field, with the ultimate goal of providing more value to our clients. Professional Installers, Inc. is very proud of the projects we are afforded the opportunity to work on. Please feel free to browse around and see our work.

If you would like more details on a particular project click any of the PDF's below or would like information on how Professional Installers, Inc., might be able to assist you on your next project, please Contact Us.

Office furniture installation

Anders CPA 

St. Louis, Missouri - Anders CPA has seen energetic growth in business and business lines over the past decade. Having outgrown their existing office space, the partners decided it was time for a move into a new facility. This move would consist of utilizing new and used furniture to install 122 new Haworth workstations.

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CH2M Hill 

St. Louis, Missouri / Montgomery, Alabama - This project, began when Professional Installers (PI) assembled 2 1/2 floors of offices and workstations for CH2M Hill at its Brentwood, MO location. After the downturn in the economy, CH2M Hill eliminated 1/2 of a floor and consolidated the employees onto 2 floors, moving the exisiting furniture into PI's 160,000 sq. ft. storage facility.

CH2M Hill negotiated a new lease at a different building and reduced the amount of square footage it needed, as it was now allowing employees a work from home option. The project was a complete disassembly of hard wall offices as well as cubicles, move, and reassembly of 75 Herman Miller work stations, along with an extensive inventory and asset management program.

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Office Furniture InstallerElsevier Publishing 

Earth City, Missouri - As part of their long term approach to employee management, Elsevier needed to have all of their St. Louis office employees in one location. As such, they built a new building in Earth City, MO to consolidate 700 employees into one, unified, group.

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Serco PP & Affordable Care Act Processing Center 

Rogers, Arkansas - In the lead-up to the effective date of the Affordable Care Act, the US Government built numerous call centers to handle expected high call volume. Two buildings were erected in Rogers, Arkansas as part of the call center preparedness program. The Rogers call center is home to more than 1150 Affordable Care Act employees.

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