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St. Louis Move Management

Move Management | St. Louis

Professional Installers, Inc. (PI), project management style is rooted in the previous background of the company owner, Aubrey Kimberling. Prior to starting PI, Aubrey worked for an internationally known plant sciences company as a facility manager. As such, Aubrey has always worked by, and instilled in his project managers, a clear commitment of communication with the customer. Professional Installers, Inc., project managers utilize their extensive training, experience and network in the office furniture industry to ensure the clients' projects are "Moving. Ahead" on time and on budget. Additionally, communication throughout the process helps alleviate issues which are unplanned, as well as accommodate change orders, and unique situations. Our sole goal is to make for a smoothly run project and develop an extremely satisfied client.


Project Management for PI starts long before the actual installation takes place. In addition to having a full understanding of the project goals and worksite requirements, our project managers put together timelines with critical milestones, develop plans for product receiving, delivery and staging, determine manpower necessary for the job, ensure safety standards are met and handle all communication with the customer/site foreman as it pertains to punch list items. Additionally our project managers are intimately involved with the client when a move, relocation, reconfiguration or inventory/asset management program is involved.

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